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Designer Skin Stardom Stellar 60X Bronzer

$155.99 $134.99

Stellar 60X Bronzing Force™  ■   Dark Abyss Elixir™ + GlowGevity Complex™  ■   Sumptuous Silicone Blend with Stargaze Flawless Finish™


The X Collection features unparalleled bronzing power combined with superior skincare technologies never before seen in any tanning lotion. This collection features top of the line formulations, each with a mysterious X factor, that je ne sais quoi, which can’t quite be defined. Defying all explanation, the X Collection will leave everyone in your path simply astounded.

  • Stellar 60X Bronzing Force™ is Designer Skin’s darkest and longest lasting combination of bronzing ingredients, with Dark Abyss Elixir™ for flawless extended color development lasting up to 28 days
  • GlowGevity Complex™ draws moisture to skin to ensure a beaming glow
  • Sumptuous Silicone Blend has a luscious, light weight feel, with superior spreadability, to leave skin hydrated and exceptionally silky
  • Stargaze Flawless Finish™ provides a look of perfection, helping to diffuse light for a softer, younger looking appearance
  • Fragrance: Mango Champagne


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