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The 360-degree short film, starring Duckie Thot and featuring the Glam Slam bag, will be screened at the Serpentine Gallery in London.

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The tech bonanza includes mixed drinks prepared by robots and runs from Feb. 23 to April 22.

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The Best Shoes to Wear With Straight-Leg Jeans This Spring

If your denim collection is anything like ours, then you most likely have an assortment of jean styles that you rotation each season. One of the denim silhouettes we’re favoring this spring is a simple straight-leg style. The classic fit is universally flattering and lends some versatility to an office or weekend look. When it comes to shoes, this spring we’re pairing statement slides with our go-to straight-leg jeans. The shoe-and-jean combination is a fresh way to step into the new season, and the pairing can perfectly take you from day to night.

Whether you’re looking for a new denim style to add to your wardrobe or a few updated ways to wear your jeans this spring, add the below combination to your outfit rotation stat. And be sure to show us how you style the look using the hashtag #WhoWhatWearing on Instagram.

Available in sizes 23 to 32.
Available in sizes 24 to 30. 

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Up next, how to tackle the neon trend if you're a low-key dresser.

The Flattering Swim Brands to Take on Vacation

These days, most tropical getaways aren't actually getting away from much. Even the most remote oceanside resort is likely to have WiFi, which may be bad for unplugging but is great for keeping friends up to date on your current status (beach or pool, marg or Corona). Still, every great warm-weather vacation needs an equally great suit to show off. And what better way to find the most flattering swimsuit brands than through Instagram. 

Below, we're highlighting a few of our favorite swim brands that will look just as great in your feed as they do on their own. From simple streamlined one-pieces to bikinis with retro details, there's a look for you, no matter how you'd define your personal swim style. So, if you're ready to do some shopping, we've rounded up our favorites below.

Canada-based lingerie brand Addition Elle has a knack for designing swimsuits with attitude. Cool cutouts and bold prints are not unusual for the brand's collection of swimwear, but because the brand is geared toward women sizes 12 and above, they keep important details like supportiveness in mind too.
This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Next up, see the chic bikini style Selena Gomez wore to a bachelorette party.

Everyone’s Favorite $30 Skirt Is Back

Remember that time we made a slip skirt and everyone (including our entire office) went crazy over it? Not to be dramatic, but it was all over Instagram and still gets worn in both the leopard print and rust colorway quite often today. Just check the #mywhowhatwear hashtag for proof. If you were one of the lucky people who bought it at the time, hats off to you on a great purchase because the original two versions have long since sold out.

If not, my friends, not to worry because I’m happy to tell you that the best-selling silhouette is back in two new prints just in time for spring. Whether you’re a stripe girl, prefer a fun floral, or, like me, just might opt for both, we’ve got you covered. Don’t wait too long to choose because I have a feeling that much like its predecessors, the style is bound to sell out very soon. To see the skirts in action and then, of course, shop them and other affordable styles from our collection, just keep scrolling.

Also available in more sizes.

Up next: the five shoe styles everyone in our office will be wearing this spring.

19 Brightening Serums for When Your Skin Looks Like a Help-Wanted Sign

Fun fact: My fellow beauty editor Amanda Montell and I swear by this über-brightening face serum from Sunday Riley. It's also the top-rated brightening serum sold at Dermstore coming in under $100. I apply it every morning post-cleanser and toner, pre-sunscreen. And I never fail to get compliments on my "glowing" skin in the hours afterward.
Say hello to perhaps the most iconic bottle of skin magic ever created. Yes, we realize that sounds a bit dramatic, but we honestly don't know of a celebrity, esthetician, dermatologist, or beauty editor who doesn't swear by this brightening acid serum from SkinCeuticals. As the name would suggest, the formula's effectiveness comes thanks to its perfected blend of vitamins C and E (and a strategic dose of ferulic acid to enhance the natural brightening benefits).
We try our best not be brand repeaters in these types of roundups, but sometimes a brand is so exceptional or has multiple super-effective formulas suited for different skin types that we just can't resist. Case in point: this still new-ish launch from SkinCeuticals, which specifically targets discoloration, prompting a brighter, clearer complexion over time. I've been using it for months now, and (don't @ me!) I prefer it over the C E Ferulic. Plus it's a tad less expensive, so there's that.
A huge key for brightness is exfoliation. Quite simply, your complexion will never be able to shine bright like a diamond if the icky stuff sitting on the surface isn't routinely sloughed away. Amanda and I keep this MVP serum on our nightstands and credit it as one of our favorite formulas for keeping our skin healthy, clear, and bright. It's created with the perfect ratio of lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acids, and since it comes from one of the best celebrity facialists in the business, Renée Rouleau, you know it's great.
Victoria Hoff (the managing editor of our wellness sister site, The/Thirty) first turned me onto the magic of this Australian skincare brand, and it's been true love ever since. This formula in particular is a universal crowd-pleaser thanks to radiance-boosting ingredients like arbutin from bearberry and glabridin from licorice. It's also armed with plumping and hydrating benefactors like hyaluronic acid, rose extract, and phyto-complex actives.
A consistent bestseller at Sephora and a particualr go-to of one of Who What Wear's social editors, Caitlin Burnett, this cult-favorite brightening serum is one of the best on the market. It's powered by the brand's signature ingredient, viniferine, a natural derivative of grapevine sap which the brand touts as 62 times more effective at brightening than vitamin C. (FYI, vitamin C is the skincare industry's go-to ingredient when it comes to fighting dullness.)
Yes, this natural serum is spendy, but its brightening perks make it a worthy investment. It's actually the one and only product from the brand, and it's racked up an astronomical following in a super-short time. Here's the scoop: It boasts 22 different botanicals and over 60 bioavailable nutrients that all work synergistically to promote healthy, radiant, youthful skin.
This little force of nature from popular K-beauty brand CosRx is proof that an effective brightening serum doesn't have to steal a significant chunk of your paycheck. It contains 20.5% pure vitamin C and 72% black chokeberry, which stabilizes and enhances the effect of the vitamin C. Together, it's a liquid-gold power couple that brightens the appearance of acne scars, browns spots, dullness, and other forms of pigmentation.
Noticing a trend? Chock-full of skin-invigorating fares like 20% vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and additional antioxidants for good measure, this serum is specifically designed to brighten discoloration while also boosting collagen and elastin for a smoother, plumper complexion.
If you have serious areas of discoloration, I'm happy to introduce you to your newest favorite skincare sidekick. As far as brightening ingredients, Dr. Lancer's formula pretty much has everything but the kitchen sink with vitamin B3, peptides, licorice root extract, hyaluronic acid, and 2% hydroquinone—the maximum concentration you can get your hands on sans prescription. (Psst! it's expert at improving the state of age spots, dark spots, and pigmentation caused by sun damage and breakouts.)
We love French drugstore brand La Roche-Posay because it makes some of the best, most effective formulas at a far-less-frightening cost per wear than most other staples. Plus it's a two-for-one deal! You'll get brightening perks from the formula's helping of vitamin C and E and sufficient sun protection courtesy of SPF 50. And if you're worried about its texture, don't—it's remarkably lightweight.
We're not going to hide anything here—if you're in want of a less-expensive dupe for some of the spendier product on our list, this will be one of your best bets when it comes to brightening on a budget. This option from Paula's Choice is a favorite at Dermstore. It's enriched with a glow-getting recipe your skin will love, like vitamins C and E, ferulic acid, antioxidants aplenty, and peptides.
By Terry is one of the dreamiest French makeup brands, and as it so happens, it does damn well with its smaller selection of covetable skincare picks as well. This luxe serum is a go-to of makeup artists (it's great for prepping skin pre-foundation) and features a roster of lightweight ingredients that'll basically trick your skin into thinking you're Benjamin Button. Think natural white rose cells, brightening botanical extracts, flower acids, vitamins, and amino acids. 
True, this might well be the most expensive brightening serum known to mankind, but the reviews and overwhelming love for Dr. Sturm's serum don't lie—this is the Lamborghini of skincare. Yes, it works to improve a dull, uneven complexion overtime, but it also quenches our thirst for instant gratification when it comes to immediate glow and brightness. Which, to be honest, is where many brightening serums out there struggle to keep up.
Norwegian kelp extract, sugar cane, bilberry leaf, alpha-arbutin, mushroom, white willow bark… If we didn't know better, we'd think we were reading off the ingredients skin-improving potion from the library at Hogwarts. However, it's actually iS Clinical's beloved brightening concoction, which has an equally fantastical name: White Lightning. The texture is surprisingly lightweight, and it works to prevent the worsening of dark spots while simultaneously resurfacing dead skin cells without causing irritation. It's truly magical.
Not only does this luminosity in liquid form feature ferulic acid, but it's also infused with retinol and brightening extracts (e.g., licorice root and bearberry). Together, they'll transform the texture of your skin (smooth and plump!) while reducing other symptoms like fine lines and dullness.
Another office favorite, we're big fans of this oil/serum hybrid from Caudalíe thanks to its impressive detoxifying powers, which the brand compares to a nice, healthy green juice. Working overtime while you sleep, its collection of organic essential oils like neroli, lavender, carrot, and white sandalwood help nix aggressors that can cause harm to our skin and undermine our glow efforts. 
Not all serums are suitable for all skin types, but this oil-free one—concocted with prettifying stuff like vitamin C, collagen, and extracts from orange and green tea—is. It's a cult favorite for a reason, and its penchant for fast absorption, blinding brightness, and delectable scent (so many serums make us wrinkle our noses) serve as proof.
Maya Chia is absolutely the best skincare brand that no one knows about—yet. I hoard everything from the brand, as it reverses even my scariest of skin days—transforming drab dullness to a beaming beacon of brightness. (Too much alliteration?) But back to the skin-changing issue at hand—the formula. It features the brand's hero ingredient, chia seed oil (which plays nice even if you're acne-prone), and one of the world's most potent antioxidants astaxanthin, which is said to 65 times stronger than vitamin C and 14 times stronger than vitamin E in the fight against free radicals. Next up, I own 27 eye creams, but these are the only ones I recommend to my friends.

I Thought Buying These 18 Basics Was Boring, But I’m So Glad I Did It

If I had to take a wild guess, I'd say I'm not the only fashion fan among us who would rather purchase a pair of fun statement shoes than another white T-shirt or pair of black pants. But many pairs of statement shoes and white T-shirts later, I've realized that even if I paid an arm and a leg for that special piece that no one else will have, it's the less-than-exciting wardrobe basics that have become my most loved pieces.

Now, that said, I'm not saying by any means that Gucci loafers or Reformation jeans, for example, are boring. But in general, black loafers and jeans are everyday necessities (in my opinion) as opposed to luxuries (e.g., that lavender fur–trimmed coat that I probably won't feel quite as passionate about next season).

So, why am I sharing all of this with you? Over the past several years, I've come across a number of pieces that may not have been my most thrilling purchases, but I don't know how I could have lived without them. I can now say with confidence that you should be very excited to buy them, because you'll probably wear them all the time, too. Keep scrolling to find out why these 18 basics are so very special.

The latest It sneakers these are not, but unlike all of my other sneakers, I wear these multiple times a week. They're crazy-comfortable and lightweight, and they magically make black leggings look even more flattering.  Available in sizes 5 to 12.
This is my holy-grail white T-shirt. It's slouchy without being sloppy, and it's perfectly cropped. Additionally, even when it's brand-new, it's so soft that it feels like you've been wearing it for years. Available in sizes XS to L.
I'm obsessed with Reformation jeans, and this is the very first pair that I purchased. It's got the perfect cropped flare, and I'm not surprised in the least that the style keeps selling out. Available in sizes 23 to 31.
Gucci is far from boring, but as far as the brand goes, these loafers are as basic as it gets. And since I invested in them, I've worn them more than any other pair of shoes I own. They're hands down the most comfortable shoes in my closet. Available in sizes 34 to 42.
I don't consider myself much of an overalls person, but these Madewell ones are the exception. These plus a T-shirt and sneakers or sandals are one of my essential spring uniforms. Available in sizes XXS to XXL.
This was my first piece from our collection at Target, and I've yet to find a more flattering pair of black pants—so I stopped looking. Available in sizes 2 to 26W.
I love crazy sunglasses, but I'll never part with my round Ray-Bans. They're timeless yet cool, and I find myself mindlessly reaching for them more than any other pair in my collection. 
I confess to having more denim jackets than one person needs in my closet, but this one is my favorite by far. The slightly oversize fit is perfection, and the jacket works for every season of the year (as a third piece during the warmer months and as a layering piece during the colder ones).  Available in sizes XS to L.
Since I live in the South, shorts are a necessity. And unlike my stack of cutoff denim shorts, these are polished enough to wear out at night (especially if a pair of mules and a blazer are involved). Available in sizes 00 to 12.
This has been my go-to bra for years. It's pretty yet functional. I try to force myself to expand my undergarment horizons, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? Available in sizes 30A to 38B.
I recently snagged these heels on sale and am so glad I sprung for them. I've found them to be the perfect shoes to transition between seasons, and they're just as suitable for a fancy dinner out as they are for the office. Available in sizes 36 to 41.
The exact A.P.C. striped tee that I own is sold out, but this one is a very similar vibe. These French-made tees are made of heavyweight knit, and they look so cool tucked into a pair of high-waisted jeans. I feel like a true Parisian when wearing mine. Available in sizes XS to XL.
I recently realized that I didn't own a basic black belt, and this is the one I decided upon. It's under $50, could pass as vintage, and goes with everything. Oh, and you can even get it monogrammed. Available in sizes XS to L.
Black coats are not the most fun, but this Ganni one vaguely resembles a teddy bear, which is always a good thing in my book. It's also super cozy, and I get tons of compliments on it. Available in sizes 34 to 40.
I quickly realized I had discovered the perfect carry-on duffle after using this bag for the first time. I bring it on every trip, it's proven to be durable and lightweight, and it holds a ton of stuff.
I've tried plenty of black leggings in my day, and while many come close, these are my favorites, which is proven by the fact that I wear them on a weekly basis. They come in 11 shades, and I want them all to be mine. 
I added this to my growing collection of winter accessories this season, and I'm not sure how I survived the cold without it. It's so warm and versatile.
Everlane cashmere sweaters are affordable enough to stock up on. And despite being rather thin, they're surprisingly warm. Consider this another thing I'd like to own in every color. 

The moral of this story? There's a good chance that your least exciting purchases will end up being your most worn ones, so don't let the boring factor keep you from making smart purchases.

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Up next, the rare designer bag that's flying off the shelves.

Spring’s Top Fashion Trends and the Beauty Looks to Wear With Them

The fashion and beauty worlds can, at times, seem worlds apart. As a fashion editor who works next to Who What Wear's beauty editors, I'll admit that sometimes their conversations about new products and formulas sound like they're actually speaking Japanese. I'm sure that's a two-way street when myself and the other fashion editors go on and on about emerging trends or buzzy new Instagram brands, but the fact is the two worlds are way more aligned than I ever gave them credit for.

Since half of getting ready involves putting clothes on and the other half involves a beauty routine, it's high time we talked about the two in tandem. And what better way to frame the two than to discuss the buzziest new trends—one for one. Are you game to test out the tie-dye trend? We have a killer beauty idea for you. Infatuated with the feathered brow look at the moment? Here's the fashion trend to wear with it.

Thanks to the help of our lovely beauty editors Erin and Amanda, I paired up each of the top fashion trends with the freshest spring beauty looks and broke down the key item to buy and try for each. Keep reading for your ultimate guide to fashion and beauty trends for spring 2019.

The '80s continue to have a major presence in fashion right now. The retro look has evolved into a new very 2019 way to interpret the styles from the era and comes via baroque and costume jewelry, slouchy and oversize sleeves, and sumptuous jewelry toned-frocks.
Despite, or perhaps because of, the recent rise of garishly bright neons and other highly saturated color trends, anti-color has emerged as the sophisticated outfit trend to try, and thanks to hashtags like #StickofButter on Instagram, neutral-toned outfits are going viral. The color (or lack of color) palette of preference isn't completely monochrome but rather a delightfully dynamic medley of beiges, camels, creams, and browns.
Meet athleisure 2.0: The next wave of athletic-inspired wares takes a far less literal approach to activewear and instead embraces sporty elements into the rest of any ready-to-wear (read non-gym) attire. It pulls references from across "bro" culture, from the bucket hats worn by '90s skate kids to the nylon gym shorts and Teva-inspired sandals of the surfer crowd. Whether or not you're off to catch waves or shred gnar (is this an actual skate term? Please advise) hardly matters—it's all about mixing in a laid-back, California-cool approach to dressing.
More often than not, we find ourselves sacrificing functional clothes for the sake of a killer fashion moment. But that gets turned on its head when it comes to this spring trend, where functional utility styles reign supreme. A great entry point for this style is a pair of slim-fitting cargo pants or a structured jacket with cargo-inspired pockets.
Let me (re)introduce you to the hair accessory trend that's shown zero signs of slowing down thus far. Fashion girls are reaching for the nostalgic clips, barrettes, headbands, and hair bows that bring us right back to our grade-school days and, in a fortunate twist of events, are a perfect way to turn a not-so-great hair day into a bonafide look.
Can you sense a theme already with the styles on offer for this spring? Between cargo pants and "boring" all-beige uniforms, it's safe to say that what was once deemed "weird" or un-cool is now very fashion. Kitschy as it may be, adding in a swirling tie-dye print (or two) into your spring look may be just the dose of fun you didn't know your outfit needed. 

For even more of our killer new beauty content, may I direct your eyeballs to this jaw-dropping shoot we did with @beautyspock?