Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Fund.

Special Designs were created to help those affected by Hurricane Dorian . As a Gulf Coast Florida Resident We Know the Life Altering Affects of EVEN a Cat 1 Hurricane.

Again as Florida Coastal Residents We KNOW This Could Have Been Us and CAN Be Us at ANY Time So We Designed These Tees To Do Our Part To Help In This Crisis.

As the death toll climbs, families with no home, clothes food and or water. We felt it was our duty to help those affected in as many ways as we could.

Donations of $5 per Tee or Hoodie or 10% Of the Order Total which ever is greater.

Donations for Stickers :

  • 2×2 Donation is $1.00
  • 3×3 Donation is $2.00
  • 4×4 Donation is $3.00
  • 6×6 Donation Is $4.00 

Donations will be made Directly to the The Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Fund You May Visit Their Site Here :

Donations are 501(c)(3) and gifts are tax deductible under the U.S. tax code. 

Please note that, 100% of all donations to the U.S. based “Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Fund” are used for charitable purposes for Grand Bahama Island disaster relief.

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